Suzlon S88-2.1 MW

S88-2.1 MW is designed for a medium wind speed regime. Its wind turbine concept is based on a robust design with pitch regulated blade operation, a 3-stage gearbox with 2200 kW rating and flexible coupling to the asynchronous induction generator. The Suzlon flexi-slip system provides efficient control of the load and power control and the turbine operation is efficiently controlled by the Suzlon controller. These technologies are all well-known in the wind power industry and have proven themselves over time. The S88-2.1 MW is designed to withstand extreme conditions and operate effectively with lower maintenance cost.
Country Availability

All Markets India, Brazil, Italy, Nicaragua, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, America & China
 Rated power  2100 kW
Cut-in wind speed  4 m/s
Rated wind speed 14 m/s
Cut-out wind speed  25 m/s
50 years gust wind speed  59.5m/s

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